The Drew Box offers a novel opportunity to improve patient satisfaction without changing preferred or clinically optimal patient management. Each health kit contains high-quality, all-natural items. 

Our key objectives are to:

  1. Provide non-prescription physical, mental and emotional support in a unique and thoughtful way.
  2. Improve patient satisfaction, retention and referrals while also achieving high clinical quality scores.
  3. Reduce inpatient admissions.
  4. Offer patients the opportunity to engage in his/her own recovery.
  5. Encourage interaction between patients and loved ones/caregivers.
  6. Address common side effects with natural methods that do not interfere with any standard modes of care.
  7. Engage patients over a period of time that may otherwise be used ineffectively, and
  8. Promote healthy alternatives to pain management.

For more information on patient satisfaction, high quality of care scores, and The Drew Box please click HERE.


We value our wholesale partners and strive to effectively and efficiently work with hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and charitable organizations to bring our health kits to patients and caregivers across the country. Please find some basic information about our wholesale + bulk order program below.  For orders and more info please contact Jessica at 0r 917.664.4895

We offer substantial discounts for wholesale + large order buyers. Fifty units is the minimum order for discounted rates to apply. Delivery cost depends on the size of order and location. We do our very best to keep all shipping costs to a minimum and average costs range from $2-$5 per box. Wholesale delivery typically takes 2-6 weeks depending on volume and location.

Our boxes may be personalized for your particular hospital, clinic or organization for a nominal fee.

Our health kits are designed to suit the needs of patients undergoing a wide range of procedures including, but not limited to:

  1. cancer treatment
  2. post-surgical patients
  3. assisted living/memory care
  4. hospice/palliative care
  5. caregivers