Long time, no social media talk, and art show!

Hello and Happy September! 

I’m quite sad to see this summer come to a close, as it was one of the best I can remember having. The weather was nice and the bugs not too “buggy,” we stayed up late and woke up slowly, Drew had more energy and gained much needed weight, and our boys happily swam, biked and played the long days away.

As those of you who know me know, I’m not a huge fan of social media. And, as those of you who know Drew know, he is the exact opposite of a fan. That being said, I absolutely appreciate its power to connect people and I respect it’s importance in the majority of our lives, both personally and professionally.

I think that one of my biggest challenges in growing The Drew Box will be finding a balance between sharing Drew’s story and maintaining our privacy as a family.  So far, it seems that achieving a healthy balance will often result in irregularly timed blog postings and social media updates. I hope that those of you following The Drew Box will find the inconsistency endearing rather than annoying and rest assured, the absence of postings does not mean that things aren’t happening in the world of The Drew Box. Now that school is back in session, I plan to reacquaint myself with our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts (I still don’t quite get Twitter)!

I am happy to report that in between BBQs and lazy days sipping iced tea on the back porch, my mom and I spent the summer getting another large order of boxes together for St. Joe’s Hospital in Phoenix. Their study on The Drew Box and patient satisfaction scores began in July and so far, the boxes have been met with an overwhelming amount of love by the patients, their caregivers and the nursing staff. Yay! 

Finally, our summer was also spent getting ready for our first family art show! The exhibit features work by my son Henry, my mom and me.  It’s last minute, but we would love to invite anyone interested and in the Toledo area to our opening reception tomorrow night (Friday, Sept. 7th) from 530 to 7pm at The Wolfe Gallery on the Maumee Valley Country Day School Campus.  There will be wine. And cheese. And cookies. If you can’t make the reception, the show will be open through October 3rd or you can check us out at www.thedorrstreetstudio.com

Hope you all had a wonderful summer and I look forward to being back in touch!

Warmly, Jessica

stormy seas and santa

Stormy Seas and Santa

Henry Naprawa, age 6