A kombucha kit so easy, even I could make it.

I am a terrible cook.  When he's feeling up to it, Drew does all of our grocery shopping, lunch-packing and meal-preparing.  When he doesn't feel well, the kids and I eat at my parent's house.  I'm really really bad.  When I make cereal with bananas on top there are only 4-5 pieces of banana (which I sometimes just break apart without even using a knife ) versus 20-25 thinly sliced pieces that Drew beautifully places on top of the cereal.   I also consider making cereal with bananas on top "cooking", which really says it all. So, when my mom bought us a kombucha kit for Valentine's Day, I was nervous. But, the kids were super excited about it and we were going to give it a go....

We opened the kit and set forth on following the directions.  When things got a little confusing, I sort of looked up the help section online, but sort of just did what seemed easiest at that particular moment.  We put our jar of kombucha in the pantry and crossed our fingers.....Lo and behold, after 10 days in the pantry, the pH was perfect and it tasted amazing!  I give all the credit to The Kombucha Shop....their kit is fabulous and my kids are happily getting their daily dose of probiotics.  Cheers to healthy guts!

P.S. According to the boys, the "mother" looks like a jellyfish:)