The Carrot Juice Creamsicle - Weird + Yum + So Good for You

carrot creamsicle

The summer before my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we were driving to the pool talking about a friend who just found out she had stomach cancer.  I asked Drew what he would do if he had cancer and he said he would drink fresh carrot juice until the cancer went away.  I rolled my eyes and said that was a great idea in theory, but not a likely course of action when faced with a real cancer diagnosis.  

The next fall we were in the same car, but silently driving home from the hospital. After a couple months of progressively worsening stomach pain and abnormal weight loss, Drew underwent emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction and we were told that he had Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a very rare, aggressive, and difficult to treat cancer.  The doctor said he probably had 6 months.  

During the weeks it took Drew to recover from surgery, he spent time researching his cancer, talking to family and friends, and meeting with doctors and specialists. To the shock, disappointment, and anger of some, Drew decided not to do chemotherapy or radiation.  Instead, he began to juice carrots.  He juiced and he juiced.  For two years, Drew religiously peeled, chopped, and juiced at least 5 pounds of carrots a day.  It was total carrot craziness! And, somewhere in the midst of it, Drew started to add organic half-and-half to his juice.........The Carrot Creamsicle.

It turns out, that because the Vitamin A + E in the raw carrot juice are fat-soluble, it is important to add fat so that your body can better absorb all of the carrot goodness.  Our family loves the organic half-and-half in our juice, but you can also use olive oil, avocado, or eat a handful of nuts with your glass to achieve maximum nutrient absorption. 


raw carrot juice and organic half and half