Kid Box

all-natural care kit for kid's
all-natural care kit for kid's

Kid Box


The Kid Box includes:

  1. organic mositurizing essential oil trio by The Salve Set
  2. professionally designed yoga routine cards + video set
  3. resistance band
  4. craft project and supplies
  5. all-natural purifying room + linen mist by The Salve Set
  6. himalayan salt massage + stress rock
  7. healing rock + crystal starter bag
  8. handmade honey + lemon hydrating lip balm by The Salve Set
  9. handmade skin-protecting lotion bar by The Salve Set
  10. medical-grade pain-relief sleep mask
  11. welcome envelope with informational greeting card
  12. wildflower seed paper
  13. 5" x 5" original art print by The Dorr St. Studio
  14. smoothie recipe 
  15. suggested brain game + meditation apps.  

This gift set is intended for caregivers of patients under the age of 12. All items are meant to be used under the careful guidance and supervision of an adult.  Always perform patch tests when using any essential oils and do not use any of the products provided in this kit internally.

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The Kid Box is a modified version of The Drew Box for children ages 12 and under. It includes our organic moisturizing essential oil trio, a fun + easy-to-do craft project with supplies, all-natural purifying room + linen mist, handmade hydrating lip balm, organic skin-protecting lotion bar, healing crystal + rock starter bag, yoga routine with video + resistance band, medical-grade pain-relief sleep mask, himalayan salt massage + stress rock, plantable wildflower seed paper, 5" x 5" signed art print by The Dorr St. Studio, welcome packet, our favorite smoothie recipe and suggested brain game + meditation apps.