Large Drew Box


Large Drew Box


The Large Drew Box comes in three editions: patient, caregiver or general wellness.  Each box includes the following items with language tailored to your edition of choice:

  1. medical-grade pain-relief sleep mask
  2. organic moisturizing essential oil trio 
  3. all-natural purifying room + linen mist 
  4. handmade hydrating peppermint + clove lip balm 
  5. handmade skin-protecting organic lotion bar
  6. professionally designed yoga routine cards + online video 
  7. resistance band
  8. 2 organic tea bags + 2 raw honey sticks
  9. himalayan salt massage + stress rock
  10. greeting card 
  11. plantable wildflower seed paper
  12. Drew's favorite "be well" smoothie recipe 
  13. 5"x5" original art print by The Dorr St. Studio and
  14. suggested brain game + meditation apps.
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The Drew Box is designed for patients and caregivers experiencing a medical procedure, hospital stay, chemo/radiation treatment, dialysis, entering assisted living, or in need of some extra TLC. Each health kit includes our exclusive line of therapeutic grade, all-natural and (mostly) organic handmade products, as well as high-quality items from our wholesale partners.  The Drew Box is available in small and large sizes and patient and caregiver editions.  The items included in the patient and caregiver boxes are the same, but the welcome note language differs between the two editions.