better than flowers


Health kits for life-changing events.  Or, an any occasion nicety.


Designed to be experienced, not simply received.


"The Drew Box is made with love. It is absolutely beautiful. Just lifting the lid and seeing all those delightful little packages containing all natural healing items brings a smile to your face. I have purchased it many times and all the recipients were thrilled. This is going to be my go to for anyone I know that needs some extra TLC." - Dalene P.

"You never know where blessings come from. I have a feeling that your care boxes are just that! Thanks so much for this gift!" - Judy V.

"I want to let people know how wonderful these boxes are! I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have really bad flare ups. Using the oils has helped a lot on different joints. Also, the candle and spray leave you feeling calm and take your mind off of your pain a bit. Everything in the box has suggestions on how and why to use them and the packaging itself is gorgeous. I really appreciate a friend of mine sending a box to me. Sometimes it takes more than different types of drugs to help ease up the pain and this really helped with mine! I give it two thumbs up on all the products that the box contains!" - Amy K.


The Inspiration.

The Drew Box health kits are dedicated to and inspired by my husband, Drew. He has been battling Stage 4 cancer with a very poor prognosis for the past five years. Since his diagnosis, he and I have both come to understand how challenging any visit to the hospital can be for both patients and caregivers. We truly believe that having strong physical, mental and emotional support is key to one's overall health and outlook.  Drew has spent weeks, sometimes months, in the hospital and/or rehabilitation centers. During these times, I struggled as his caregiver to find ways of being helpful and proactive in his treatment and recovery. Through a lot of research and trial and error, I have found many useful ways to make the best of his treatment times and hospital stays by using natural remedies to minimize side effects and expedite the healing process. Everything I have learned so far has been lovingly put into our products. It is my sincere hope that each kit bring smiles and comfort to everyone it meets.  xoxo, Jessica (Founder of The Drew Box)